Use This Checklist When Searching for the Best Personal Injury for Your Case

When you’re searching for the best personal injury, you have a lot to consider. We know it can be intimidating to select the right person – and to know you have. At Law Offices of Michael A. Kahn we believe that every accident victim should have an attorney they can count on. Read on to learn about the checklist you can use to ensure you have found the right attorney, then call us at (310) 209-1600 when you are ready for a free legal consultation.

Ask for Testimonials

Once you have found an attorney you are seriously considering, we recommend starting by reviewing their client testimonials. Ideally, you would find an attorney who can proudly publish them on their website. If you do not see any published there, ask for them. Do not work with an attorney who cannot provide you with positive client reviews.

Confirm They Have Experience with Your Type of Injury and Accident Case

Next, you want to check on their education. It is important first and foremost that they are not just out of law school. You want an attorney who has many years of experience. Once you have established that, you will need to dig a little deeper to ensure it is the right kind of experience. Have they handled the type of accident you have been involved in?

Have they handled the type of injury you are dealing with? Remember that medical information can be very complicated even for experts. For example, if you are suffering a head injury, you want someone who has worked with traumatic brain injuries before so that they will know exactly where to start.

Ask Who Will Be Assigned to Your Case

It is not unusual for you to meet with someone other than the attorney you will be working with. Remember that the attorney is screening your case to ensure it is worth taking on a contingency basis, just as you are screening them to see if they are the right firm to take your case. They often have associates experienced in this specific action.

However, you should ask who is going to handle your case. You can expect lower level attorneys or paralegals to handle simple issues like filings, but a named partner should be handling the complexities of your case.

Determine Their Communication Style

Pay attention to what type of communication options they offer. If they give you a phone number to the switchboard and nothing else, this might not be a good sign. You want an attorney who is going to give your case attention and who will answer your calls. Ask for an extension, a cell phone, or an email address so that you will always be able to access them when you need to.

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