Prepare for Your Personal Injury Consultation by Learning Common Questions You Might Be Asked

There are a lot of things to think about after suffering an injury. First, you need to heal. Second, you need to make sure that you get compensation for your damages. The first step in this process is to contact a personal injury attorney for a consultation. We know that some people can feel nervous about this experience. They have just been through a traumatic experience and are not always looking forward to talking to an attorney about it.

At Law Offices of Michael A. Kahn we find that much of this apprehension often comes as a result of the client not knowing what to expect. You can always call us at (310) 209-1600 if you have questions or would like to know what you can bring to your consultation. In the meantime, you can also read on to learn about some of the questions you can expect to answer.

What Are Your Injuries and How Are You Doing?

First and foremost, we will want to know what your injuries were. Did you break a leg? Suffer a brain injury? We will want the details. We will also want to know how you are doing today. Are you still experiencing pain? It is helpful if you have a post-accident diary that includes details on your injury and how it has healed, but this is not a requirement.

Have You Been to a Doctor? What Did They Say?

If you come to a consultation and have not yet seen a doctor, then there is a good chance we will ask you to see a doctor before we continue the consultation. Why? Because the seriousness of your injuries has a huge impact on your case. If we do not know what your injuries are, we do not know how serious they are, and we do not have evidence of them, then we cannot move forward with your case.

If you have seen the doctor, make sure you bring or have access to all the information they have shared with you. We would like to know your prognosis, what treatment you have received, and what treatment they recommend in the future, amongst other things.

Have You Talked to the Insurance Company?

You are not required to give a recorded statement to the insurance company, but they make accident victims feel like they have no choice. If you have already given a recorded statement, this does not mean that we cannot take your case. It does mean that we need to know what you said. We need to know if you said anything in that statement that might conflict with the police report or statements you made after the fact.

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