Have You Been the Victim of Police Misconduct? Call an Attorney Who Will Fight for Justice

Even if the vast majority of police are respectful of the community and do their jobs safely and professionally, just one police officer acting illegally is too many. At Law Offices of Michael A. Kahn we are committed to helping clients who have suffered due to police misconduct. Keep reading to learn how we can help or just call us directly at (310) 209-1600 to set up a consultation.

Excessive Force Cases

There are actually man different ways in which a police officer can be found guilty of misconduct and the force held liable. One of the most common is excessive force, in which the officer uses more force than necessary when arresting someone – or when simply going about their work. This can lead to serious injury such as fractured bones, significant bruising, and even brain injuries.

Misuse of Tasers

Yes, police are allowed to use tasers – but only when necessary. They are designed to be an alternative to lethal force but they can still cause significant injury including burns, paralysis, and even death. When a police officer does not have enough training, or is overly aggressive with tasers, there can be serious consequences to the victim.

Shooting Deaths

Some people wonder if there are really more people being shot or if the fact that everyone has a video camera in their pockets is simply providing proof of the way it’s been all along. Whatever you think of that question, the truth is that unarmed persons should not be killed by the police at the alarming rate they currently are. When the police shoot first and ask questions later, they are opening themselves up for police misconduct lawsuits.

False Arrest

Police officers do not have the right to pick people up off the street and take them into custody any time they want. They must have reasonable suspicion to even stop a person, and probably cause to take them into custody. A false arrest can affect a person’s finances when it means missing work, and can cause serious, long-lasting emotional harm.

You Do Have Rights

While it might not feel like it, the police do have rules they are required to live by. When they do not, then it is the responsibility of society to hold them responsible. If the criminal justice system refuses to do so, then civil lawsuits can provide financial compensation to the victims – and a sense of justice as the at-fault parties are finally held accountable.

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