Expert Witnesses Can Make a Bigger Difference Than You Might Think: Learn Four Reasons WhyIf you have reason to file a personal injury lawsuit in the state of California, you undoubtedly want the best result possible. Many individuals are astonished to hear that working with an expert witness is one of the most significant strategies to improve your chances of winning the case.

Of course, most people are unfamiliar with expert witnesses and have no idea where to begin looking for one. That is only one of the many reasons why you should employ a personal injury lawyer. We can get you started with a free consultation at Law Offices of Michael A. Kahn. Continue reading to learn more about how expert witnesses can help your case, and then call us at (310) 209-1600 to get started.

1. An expert witness might bring out flaws in a case

Despite the fact that each personal injury case is different, they usually rely on your attorney’s ability to show two things. To begin with, the party being sued had an obligation to act in a specific manner. Then there’s the fact that they didn’t. Without an expert in the industry, demonstrating responsibility might be difficult.

Consider a car accident in which a driver was distracted by their phone and ran a stop sign. It may appear self-evident to say that the party who ran through the stop sign was responsible for obeying the traffic laws. The majority of cases, though, aren’t as straightforward. Who would be at fault for an accident if two automobiles arrived at a four-way junction at the same moment and both went through it? The appropriate expert witness could help you figure out the answer to that question and perhaps help you prove it.

2. The law permits specialists to express their views

When someone is testifying as a witness, they are frequently barred from discussing their thoughts on the matter. An expert witness, on the other hand, often has more leeway in expressing their thoughts. The courts believe that because the experts are experts in the subject matter they are testifying on, they can provide insight into certain difficult and/or nuanced ideas. These viewpoints can have a significant impact on a jury’s comprehension of the facts of a case.

3. Expert witnesses are unbiased witnesses

In some situations, the jury may not take a witness’s testimony seriously if the jury believes the witness has a financial interest in the case’s outcome. An expert witness, on the other hand, is there to supply objective knowledge and to explain it. They can assist jurors trust them since they are unbiased.

4. There’s a chance you’ll get a bigger settlement or damage award

The other party’s job is to try to discredit your version of the story. An expert witness can assist the jury in determining the severity of your injuries. This may raise the amount awarded to you by a jury or judge.

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