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Ask a Personal Injury Attorney: Is a Police Report Always Necessary After a Car AccidentToo frequently, we work with customers who were in a car accident but don’t think they need a police record for whatever reason. The reality is that you should always call the police as soon as possible after an automobile accident. You ought to request that an officer be dispatched to the area. You should request that the officer fill out a Traffic Collision Report when they arrive. Any personal injury claim will be more difficult to substantiate if this is not done.

What exactly is a report on a traffic collision?

You probably consider it to be a police report. It’s a concise overview of all the information pertaining to a car collision. It contains both the officer’s view and the relevant facts. It will contain information on each person who was a part of the accident as well as any witnesses. Because they are finished soon after the disaster, they are typically trustworthy and accurate.

What exactly does this report contain?

Depending on the kind of accident you were in, it can change. In general, though, you may anticipate seeing information about the accident’s date, time, and location as well as any relevant weather and traffic circumstances. Additionally, any pertinent road conditions, comments from bystanders who witnessed the collision, details on all persons involved in the collision (such as their names, contact information, insurance information, and vehicle information), and details on any property damage.

Diagrams and/or photographs, details on any legal infractions, the officer’s initial assessment of fault, and any other pertinent material will probably also be included in the report. There can also be details on specific wounds received in the collision.

Will it be admissible in court?

They are deemed hearsay, thus they are not admissible in court. However, because they provide a wealth of information, they are quite beneficial to personal injury lawyers. It at least offers us a general picture of what occurred, who was involved, and who witnessed it. In fact, thorough police reports can save you weeks of effort. The simple line is that we can present your argument more persuasively the more facts we have.

What information in a police report will a lawyer use?

This largely depends on what is included, but you can anticipate that a fully completed report would assist us in identifying who was at fault, identifying any third parties who may be held partially responsible, locating and interviewing witnesses, deciding what to research, and selecting the experts who might be most beneficial to our case. A bad police report might give us great leverage when negotiating a settlement outside of court with the insurance company.

Again, the bottom line is that Law Offices of Michael A. Kahn will be more prepared the more information you can provide. We advise contacting the police for a traffic collision report if there is at least $500 in property damage and/or any injuries, regardless of how small they may seem. You can also call (310) 209-1600 to schedule a free consultation with us.

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