A Study Finds a Surprising Cause of Teen Car Accidents: Their Parents

There are many studies that focus on the driving habits and dangers of teen drivers, and for a good reason: car accidents are the top cause of death for teens between the ages of 15 and 18. In fact, around 3,000 teenagers lose their lives in car accidents in the U.S. each year. Keep reading to learn why this is, how it can be stopped, and why some studies point to parents as a major cause of these accidents.

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A Study from the University of Iowa Found a Startling Result

One study, which was completed by the University of Iowa, found that in-vehicle video monitoring coupled with conversations about safe driving between teen and their parents could reduce the risk of a serious accident. In fact, the study found that when parents are trained in how to talk to their children about the importance of safe driving, they could reduce the chance of their child driving unsafely by an incredible 80%.

More About In-Vehicle Video Monitoring

The in-vehicle video monitoring looked at in the study included systems that record the speed of the vehicle, in which direction it was moving, its G-force, and other factors that can affect how safely the teen is driving. When the teen drivers faster than they should, brakes suddenly, swerves unsafely, or otherwise exceeds a safety threshold, the system immediately notifies the parents of the teenager.

Highlights from the Study

The study looked at 150 families that had teen drivers who had been recently licensed and tracked them for three years. The video monitoring systems described above were installed on all vehicles. The study then split the parents into three groups. One group was notified when their teens were driving unsafely, one group was not notified, and another group was notified and then instructed on how to talk to their child about safe driving.

The study found that in the third group, there were 80% fewer unsafe driving incidents after parents talked to their teens compared to both other groups, and 65% fewer than the group that received notification but no instruction on how to talk to their child about unsafe driving. The conclusion the researchers drew was that increased help from parents could help reduce unsafe teen driving.

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