Three Steps You Can Take to Help Keep Motorcycle Riders Safer on California Roads

It is up to every driver on the road to take the steps we can to keep motorcycle riders safe. They have a legal right to share the road and if you do not allow them to do so, a serious accident could occur – and you could be at fault. Keep reading to find out the three simple steps that can help motorcycle riders stay safer on the roads.

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  1. Make Sure that You Are Giving Motorcycles Plenty of Space
  2. Do not follow a person on a motorcycle too closely. If there is an emergency, and your are too close to them, you will not be able to stop in time and you could hit them. Give them several feet of space on all sides if you are going to pass them. Treat them as you would a car – do not assume that they are better or worse drivers or more or less dangerous. They have the same rights to be there as you do.

  3. Check Your Blind Spots Before Changing Lanes or Merging
  4. You should check your blind spots each and every time you change lanes. You should check your blind spots each and every time you merge. Motorcycles are smaller than other vehicles, which means they may not appear in your rear view mirror or your side mirrors. Remember that blind spots are called that for a reason – you are blind to them. You should always look twice before you move over.

  5. Always Use Your Turn Signals
  6. It is all too common for a driver to assume that it is obvious where they are going and that they do not need to use a turn signal. This is true when a person is in a left-only turn lane, when they are turning onto a one way, and in other situations. However, motorcycles are not just smaller than your vehicle, they are lower. They may not be able to see that you are in a turn-only lane.

It is best to always use a turn signal to give all drivers around you fair warning that you are going to change lanes or turn – especially motorcycles.

Have You or a Loved One Been Injured in a Motorcycle Accident

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