A Personal Injury Journal Can Be Very Important After a Head Injury

No matter the cause of the injury, if you have suffered a traumatic brain injury or other head injury, your primary goal is getting better. The bad news is that getting better can cost money. From doctor’s bills to missed work, it all adds up. At Law Offices of Michael A. Kahn we can work to get you the compensation you deserve after your accident.

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What to Include in a Personal Injury Journal

It is just a notebook or journal in which you put all the details of the accident you were involved in. This includes everything you remember about the accident, including the date, time, and other details. You should include witness contact information. Write down the weather conditions at the time of the accident.

You can also put copies of medical reports and police reports in your journal. As you continue to get treatment for your injury, write each and every one of them down. Write down your pain levels. Write down the conversation you have with doctors, insurance companies, and others involved in your care.

The Goal of Your Personal Injury Journal

You may wonder: Why am I being asked to keep this journal? Do I really have to do so? The answer is no, you do not. However, it can help your personal injury attorney better understand your case and negotiate more aggressively for you. It can also be used as evidence of your injury, pain and suffering, lost wages, and more.

Remember That Your Journal May Not Stay Private

As you compile notes and documents in your journal, remember that it is not necessarily going to remain confidential. It has information about your accident and your medical care that is designed specifically to be used to prove your claim. If it is needed for that reason, then it is likely to be made part of the public record. As a result, you do not want to write something that you would feel uncomfortable with the public – including your loved ones – to know.

Your Journal Could Help You Get Better Compensation

Depending on the specifics of your accident and your injury, you may be eligible for compensation for damages including lost wages, medical costs, pain and suffering, emotional distress, and the cost of rehab. Without evidence to prove that you have these costs, it can be hard to get a fair share.

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