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While insurance adjusters try to delay, deny & diminish claims, your auto accident injury attorney helps maximize your compensation.

3 Tactics Insurance Adjusters Will Try in an Auto Accident ClaimIf you have been injured in a car accident and you end up having to make a claim against someone else’s insurance coverage, you are probably not going to have a very easy job ahead of you. The insurance company is not going to just agree to the amount of compensation you believe you deserve for your injuries and suffering. Instead, they are going to try every available tactic to reduce the amount they have to pay out on your claim. Their three main tactics are:


Insurance companies often strive to pay their own customers quickly, but they may not be so eager to resolve claims made by third parties. In some cases, insurance adjusters will deliberately drag their feet in responding to your communications or reviewing your case, most likely in the hopes that you will get impatient and frustrated. You may then be more likely to accept any offer you do eventually receive, even if it is very low.


Another common tactic for insurance adjusters to use is to search for any possible justification to deny liability for your injuries. They may try to prove that their client did not actually cause your car accident, that you also played a role in causing the accident, or that your injuries are related to pre-existing conditions rather than the accident.


If liability cannot be challenged, insurance companies will move on to attempting to diminish the value of your claim. They may attempt to give you a very low settlement offer that will just barely cover your medical bills but not touch your pain and suffering.

Get an Experienced Auto Accident Injury Attorney on Your Side Now

The best way to defend your claim against these three tactics is to hire an experienced auto accident injury attorney such as Michael A. Kahn. Ideally, this should be done as quickly as possible after your accident, and before you have any interactions with the insurance company.

Attorney Kahn can help maximize the value of your claim by:

  • Handling communications with the insurance company so that they take your injuries seriously and are less likely to try to delay your settlement
  • Gathering and presenting evidence to prove that their client caused your accident and your injuries so that they cannot try to deny your claim
  • Helping to document your injuries and quantify all your other losses (including lost income, diminished quality of life, etc.) so that you know how much your case is worth and can resist efforts to diminish your claim

If you would like to learn more about your potential for receiving full and fair compensation following a serious auto accident, please contact the Law Offices of Michael A. Kahn at (310) 209-1600 and request a free initial consultation.

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