Tips to Help Parents Who Have Suffered from Traumatic Brain Injury

Tips to Help Parents Who Have Suffered from Traumatic Brain Injury

Anyone who suffers the reality of a traumatic brain injury is likely to face some amount of difficulty. Those who are parents must also deal with helping their children understand what has happened and helping them through the process. At Law Offices of Michael A. Kahn we can help with the legal aspects of your case if the injury was the result of someone else acting recklessly or negligently. You can also keep reading for some tips for helping you deal with this issue as a parent.

Explain the Brain Injury in Words They Can Understand

It is common for parents to not feel comfortable talking to their children about something so scary and to want to sugarcoat it. Don’t. The scariest thing for children is not understanding what is going on. That said, you should use age-appropriate language. It is enough to simply say “My brain has been bruised and it could take a very long time to get better.”

Then get deeper into the details. Talk to them about what it will look like when you are having a bad day and any steps they could take to help you. Encourage them to ask any questions they have and do your best to answer matter-of-factly. Make sure your child understands that they are not the cause of your injury or any symptoms they may have to deal with. Finally, tell them that you are not dying from your injury. This is often a serious fear for children who hear the news and they may be afraid to come out and ask you.

Find Books That Deal with Your Illness

One of the best ways to help kids really understand your condition and the facts about it is to find books that can educate them. For older children, this may be a neuroscience book that breaks down the issue. For younger children, this may be a children’s book that deals with a character with a brain injury or similar condition.

Give Your Child Extra Care

Taking these steps can help your child better understand what you are going through and what to expect. That said, they may still have complicated feelings about it. When you can, give your child extra hugs. Spend as much time as you can with them when you are feeling well so that if you have a series of rough days, they do not feel quite as sad about it. Be present with your child when you can and if you don’t feel up for it, communicate that with them honestly.

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