There May Be as Many as 52 Million Cars on the Road with Open Recalls Against Them

There May Be as Many as 52 Million Cars on the Road with Open Recalls Against Them

Carfax has released a report that shows a shocking 52+ million cars are currently on the roads with open recalls. Believe it or not, this is actually an improvement over 2018 in which there were 57 million unrepaired recalled vehicles, and in 2017 there were more than 63 million. That said, just because it is a decreasing number does not mean it is not a startling number. Keep reading to find out more about these vehicles and what to do if you are involved in a car accident.

Some States Have Higher Numbers of Recalled Vehicles on the Road

According to Carfax, about one-fifth of the registered vehicles in the United States have open recalls. There are some states with higher percentages of open recalls than others including:

  • Mississippi
  • New Mexico
  • Texas
  • Louisiana
  • Alabama
  • Arkansas

While those states have higher percentages of recalls, California has more total open recalls than any other state with 6.3 million cars. Texas is in second place with 5.5 million and Florida comes in third place with 3.2 million.

The Danger of Non-Repaired Recalled Vehicles is Serious

It may not seem that this is a serious issue to many people but every time a vehicle is recalled for a safety reason, it is done to protect both the driver of the vehicle and others on the road. We have seen signs of this in the now-infamous Takata airbags case in which the manufacturer knew the airbags were faulty and did nothing. When they were finally forced to do so, many vehicle owners did not receive word of the recall or did not take action.

The result? Dozens of people died due to these airbags – and some of these airbags are still on the streets. If you are worried that your vehicle may have been recalled without your knowledge, you can use the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website to find out. Just fill in your VIN and it will tell you if your vehicle has open recalls on it. if you find that it does, then you should contact the dealer right away so that repairs can be made.

Have You Been Injured in a Vehicle That Was Not Repaired After a Recall?

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